Intimate Healthcare and Counseling welcomes all patients
and provides the same standard of Care to all.
We believe that if more people have access to healthcare, we will have a healthier community.

Health Promotion & Maintenance

We are focused on health promotion and maintenance to lessen the health concerning risks and being responsive towards a healthier you. Your body = Your Terms. You set your goals, because You have to live with Your decisions.

Clinical Sexology

Do you need your Annual Wellness visit or just have questions about your personal choices. Information on Prophylactics, STI Testing, and Safe Activities Available Upon Request.

Aesthetic Procedures

We know how significant it is to get a closure or excision done right after the injury, or diminish an old scar.
If Beauty is in the Eye of Perception.
Let us help you perceive your best.

Why Choose us ?

1. Intimate Healthcare and Counseling Welcomes all Patients, Vaccines are NOT required.

2. We do not require you to be tested somewhere else prior to being assessed by us.
This is where you come when you are sick and when you are well.

3. We at IHCC Provide the Same Healthcare Standard

to all of our patients.

4. We believe that if more individuals and their families have access to healthcare,

we will have a healthier community.

5. All evaluations and procedures are provided by

a Licensed Practitioner.

6. We work with and will consult with your other

providers to ensure continuity of care.

7. Full Service Access for your Health, Beauty,

and most Intimate Concerns.


For almost a decade, we have been providing excellent healthcare services throughout Southwest Florida. We treat simple or complex chronic and acute diseases and make sure to play our role towards a healthier community.

Seamless Care

At Intimate Healthcare and Counseling, we work together with the experts to provide our patients the care they have come to expect.
With us, what might take weeks elsewhere can often be done in days .

Unparalleled Expertise

Successful treatment begins with the right diagnosis, and we take the time to get it done right. We always listen to our patient’s needs and evaluate their condition from each angle to provide them the best we can.

Innovative Technology

Our modern technology helps us in detecting critical chronic diseases, providing the best possible treatments, and ultimately - offering the finest care possible. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us!


Intimate Healthcare and Counseling is a Nurse practitioner owned and operated facility that focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of the community.
We are continually striving to serve humanity at a larger scale by providing the best healthcare in Lee & Collier Counties, and beyond.
We provide a complete range of healthcare services including health promotion & maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses & chronic diseases, as well as Intravenous Therapies, and non surgical procedures, etc.